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Discreet Adventures Review

discreet adventures reviewIf you’re thinking about having an affair, I’m sure you’ve got your reasons. Maybe you and your spouse have drifted apart. Maybe you no longer find them physically attractive. Perhaps the pressures of work, kids, and daily responsibilities have taken their toll on the flame that used to burn so brightly. Or maybe your spouse is absent for long periods of time. Do you miss the warmth and comfort of a physical relationship? Discreet Adventures is an extramarital dating website for like-minded folks who want to rekindle lost passion and walk on the wild side — discreetly, of course. ūüėČ

I was game, so I signed up for a free membership in under five minutes, answering all the signup questions. They included most of what you’d expect about age, body type, marital status, race, etc. ¬†One question asked about my religious beliefs, which I thought was weird given the site’s purpose. Most of the signup questions can be skipped and added later on. The whole signup experience felt easy, quick, and smooth.

Discreet Adventures Site Usage Experience

Once inside, I liked the site’s ease of use. They’ve kept everything really stripped down and focus mainly on the search feature, which comes in 2 flavors: easy and detailed. The “easy search” feature let me find anyone by age match (also comes with the “require photo” option) in a few seconds, and I liked the simplicity of the search results display. Some dating sites have so much crap going on all over the screen it gives me a headache. Discreet Adventures keeps it simple.

Discreet Adventures detailed search

Detailed search results

With the “detailed search,” I was able to filter people based on more specific criteria like marital status, race, height, number of children, plus what they’re into. Sex in public places, anyone? How about being spanked or videotaped during sex? You can get real specific about exactly how you like to get your freak on. This level of detail is only for paying members though. I had to upgrade from the free account to check it out.

Giving personal info to a site like this can feel risky for obvious reasons. I felt pretty safe signing up and then upgrading because I did a little¬†research¬†beforehand. I found some strong indicators these guys are on the up and up. First off, they’ve been around a while (since 2006), so I knew they had a decent track record.¬†Another good thing was finding out they use¬†ShareASale.com¬†to manage their¬†affiliate¬†network (I’m one of them, BTW). ShareASale has a well-known and solid rep and quickly terminates¬†businesses¬†that fuck over their customers.

Male to Female Ratio at Discreet Adventures

I quickly saw that a bunch of the female profiles were marked “New Member,” and wondered why there were so many new women. I asked the site support staff via email what a “New Member” was. They replied back in less than 24 hours that a “New Member” is anyone who’d signed up in the last 30 days. Hmmm…¬†Okay, but I still didn’t know why there were so many new women members.

I finally figured it out via the search¬†function, and this leads me to one big negative for an otherwise pretty awesome site: as of this writing, Discreet Adventures has a severe shortage of female members and is trying to even out the male/female ratio. In other words, there’s a LOT more men than women, about 10 to 1. Not great odds if you’re a man looking for a woman to have a fling with. There’s also not many single women. Guys looking for singles should go elsewhere.

But, if you’re a woman looking to step over the bounds of holy matrimony and are even reasonably¬†attractive, you’ll pretty much have the run of the place. Ladies, if you’re seeking a discreet romantic affair with an attached guy, you won’t have much in the way of competition at Discreet Adventures. Not for a while at least.

And guys, even though the numbers are currently not in your favor, the women on this site are hot! I was surprised at the overall female hotness level. I’d put it at about a 7, with some 8s and 9s thrown in. The average age for women is around 40 and slightly older for the guys. So if hot married MILFs are your thing and you’re not afraid of some stiff competition (sorry, I had to), go see who’s online right now.

Discreet Adventures Review Wrap-up

I give this site an overall “thumbs up” for its easy of use and the high “hotness” level of its female members.

The major downsides are the current lack of women, and the total membership numbers are pretty small compared to the big extramarital dating sites like Ashley Madison. If you live in a¬†sparsely¬†populated area and are interested in getting busy in person, you might find the pool of local hook-up candidates too small on this site. You may want to check out Ashley Madison or Adult Friend Finder instead. Men looking for virtual affairs will have no problems on Discreet Adventures provided you’re willing to work a little.

Overall, Discreet Adventures is a great way to scratch that itch you just can’t ignore any longer. Here’s hoping it brings back some of that good stuff you somehow lost along the way.

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